What is XMPP ?


There are many real-time communication application like WhatsApp and Messenger  which makes use of Ejabberd (XMPP) server. The server provide instant message transfer facilitates.

Definition of xmpp according to xmpp official website,

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is an open XML technology for real-time communication.

Below are advantage of XMPP

  1. Instant messaging
  2. Presense
  3. Voice and video calls
  4. Lightweight middleware
  5. Generalized routing of XML data

Servers which is following XMPP

Below are the some popular server which is following XMPP

  1. Ejabberd
  2. Jabber XCP
  3. M-Link
  4. MongooseIM
  5. Openfire
  6. Prosody
  7. Tigase

 There are many servers available for xmpp.like ejabberd, Apache Vysper, iChat server but in this article we will discuss about Openfire server for ubuntu.


Why Openfire ?

Openfire is a cross-platform real-time collaboration server (RTC) based on the XMPP.It uses the XMPP protocol.It is easy to setup and having high level security and performance.

Openfire Important Ports

        Port 9090 : For the web interface.

        Port 9091 : For SSL web interface. 

        Port 5222 : The main port used for client/server communication by Openfire.

        Port 7777 : Used for file transfer.

        Port 7443 : Used for unsecured Http client connections.

        Port 7070 : Used for secure Http client connections.


Let’s Install openfire with ubuntu 14.04

  1. Install Java 6/7 JRE or JDK.

          Before installing Openfire, at least Java 6 should be installed.

         First run a quick update on apt-get: 

 sudo apt-get update


  1. To install Oracle Java 7 version open a Terminal and enter below command :
 sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer


  1. Now check java version for confirmation
java -version

  1. Download  Openfire 4.1.3 by opening a terminal window and enter   :
cd /tmp

wget -O openfire_4.1.3_all.deb http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloadServlet?filename=openfire/openfire_4.1.3_all.deb


     Then install openfire. Open a Terminal window and enter :

sudo dpkg -i openfire_4.1.3_all.deb

     And then,

    Open port :- hostname:9090 (Make sure your server 9090 port is enable)


How to setup openfire?

      1) The first step is select the language.



        2) The second step is a server setting.


       3) The third step is database setting

           There are two options for database setting.

          1) Standard Database Connection  (External Database)

          2) Embedded Database (In-built Database)

          You can select as per requirement.but most of developer are used embedded database.


     4) The fourth step admin account setting

          Select admin credential.


     5) After selecting admin credential set is completed.  Now you can open admin console.


Conclusion :-


This article include basic setup and information. The next article we will include how to create user, user roster,add user  in roster list, create chat room in openfire.


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Best of luck.


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