Leaving enough space in UI design is critical as it helps in making things more prominent and obvious. You want to grab user’s attention and make him read or at least view.  We all know for a fact that every pixel is important. For example, in real estate the screen real estate is also costly. But white space helps you with creating better user experiences. You are definitely going to have too much information to share with your user base. Organizing that information can easily comprehend for your users. White Space can help you define better UX strategy.

Medium.com is a classic example of efficiently using white space for better reading experiences. Similarly for E-Commerce websites all you want to highlight is product. This is done easily if it has whitespace around or has white space in the background.

White Space helps you in relating similar content together and keep unique ones separate. Grouping of content properly in a sequence is important to organize your content. You can indicate how your content and navigation hierarchy is formed.

In order to grab attention of user and make him or her look at what you want them to look at you need to have your white strategy in place. Leave enough breathing space for your content be it text or search results, product listing or filtered results.

One clarification is needed here is white space is not always white, it can be background image, color, pattern or texture. Yes white white space has more values compare to any of the other elements.

How to Use White Space

With the effective use of White space you can improve the balance of design elements and organize your content properly for better website development strategy. Images and text will seat together nicely if separated by some kind of white space.

You can have two types of white spaces namely Micro and Macro. Micro as the name suggests is smaller area of white space elements you have between menu items or your search results or separators of list view.

While macro whitespace will have bigger space between design or content you have in your website or mobile app development. How much macro or micro white space is required depends on content, design, type of audience you are targeting(user) and message you are trying to spread across.

How to keep everything Blank

Look at Google and you will have your answer, they want world to search and keep them rich while doing every search. So only part they are highlighting is search bar rest is not that important. Similarly, list out actions you want the user to take and allow that action button or call to actions to have the highest attention by leaving blanks around them.

White space is further divided into active and passive white spaces. Active white space has advantage of helping you with improving the page structure and guide user with page content flow. Passive white space is generally well understandable and very standard in nature but you can change it to suit to your user base. Passive white space helps you define spacing between words, letter and lines.

Less is More

People believe that white space is waste of space but it’s just the other way around.  White space guides user and make him understand quickly and easily about the purpose of the page and how to use a page. White Space adds aesthetic to otherwise boring looking page and provides a touch of class.

More is More

When you have more content, use more of white space. It’s like when you start fresh and young you might not have too much data or content to play with but, as your user base grows and as they start contributing or in case of E-Commerce when you have one vendor or you are the direct seller things are well within control but as soon as you have more vendors or products you might want to organize things in much better way and white space can come to rescue you right at that time.


Focus on your users and analyze how they are using your website, what page they stick to more compared to others and why, from which page they are leaving your website, why are you getting or not getting enough conversions. Add enough emotion in your design with White space. Give user occasional break from long list of product and services you are trying to sell or content you have on your website with the use of white space.

White space is where you start and end your design with, everything else revolves around white space. White space helps you make your site look less cluttered and more organized. Think of white space as control mechanism to reduce noise or content overload from your web page or mobile app screen.  As soon as you start using white space more you will definitely start getting more in your bank.

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