As we know the various type of applications is available on a google play store as well as apple store market. Among of them, few applications are stable in the current market and some applications are faced issues regarding usability purpose.

So, what is the main reason behind some of the applications is not set in a current market. Some of the reasons are like:

  • Application crashes
  • Not a user-friendly
  • Memory Issues
  • Incomplete Information
  • Bad review of users
  • Version Problem
  • Broken Links
  • Repeated Submission of Similar Apps
  • Performance Issues
  • More Advertisement and much more…..

But mostly people dislike your application when they faced above all issues.

People hate when apps crash, or even when they slow down or freeze for a few seconds. According to research, 61 percent of users expect mobile apps to start within four seconds, while 49 percent want responses to inputs in two seconds. If an app crashes, freezes, or has errors, 53 percent of users will uninstall it.

Mostly App crashes Generated from the process of development which are in the form of programmer error, when an object or variable that doesn’t exist, which called as a null pointer in a technical way. when any app developed by the developer, they must take care to try and anticipate things that can go wrong.When they don’t, that’s what can cause a null pointer.

The main reason is without any doubt is human errors. Most of the time an app crash is because of a coding/design error or mistake made by a developer.

The another reason is the lack of testing knowledge. Many app developers develop their app and test with 100% Working fine but often forget to execute some cases which make app crash like NullPointerException, wrong states.

Most probably in the android side we facing an issue of memory size ( Out of Memory), make user disappointment.

Top Most Reason Behind App Getting Crashed

Here are the top most reasons behind your app development can go in the wrong way and make app crash which leaves your app in Risk of lower performance.

1. Poor Code

Without any doubt, one of the most ordinary reasons of app crash is a poor code construction. we always consider human error when we face any technological issue. Even it’s possible that any smart developer or experience programmer make any small mistake in main functionality and application get a crash because of that.

2. Memory Space Problem

If a programmer does not take care of memory power app is definitely crash. we all know that memory management is totally different for an android and iOS system. So if a programmer is not aware of such problems this kind of major issue created.

3. New Feature Addition

when a developer adds the new feature, sometimes it’s possible that because of new functionality, old functionality getting affect and it makes some problem like app crash if important function missing.while creating a new function, sometimes programmer hides some existing functionality and after completion of a new feature they forget to enable the hide functionality and result is app crash.

4. Data Getting Different From API(Web Service)

The application also crashes in some cases when if some changes occur from web service side and user try to access it.We can also say that problem on API integration.

5. Internet Accessibility Issue

Many times we faced app crash because of network issue means when there’s no network access, application not getting the proper connection and because of that app crash. Some of the application working only when internet accessibility available so this is also one reason of app crash.

6. Poor Testing

This is also one of a most effective point when the software Tester is not performing well testing on an application. Because of that when the application goes live in a market at that time many of users faced crashing issues on an app.So, Organization must have to take care of application don’t release with per million of consumers can simultaneously discover your app performing testing and also provide enough time to perform well testing. In this factor software tester have to play importance role and reduce the bugs level and satisfy the customer requirements as well as people also like the use of an application in regular basis without a face and crashing and other major issues.

Testing should be combined with benchmarking against industry standards and user expectations to be sure that what seems acceptable to developers is also acceptable to users. Testing should also occur on a continuous basis. Monitor performance and look for user feedback suggesting problems, and then fix things as soon as possible.

7. Device and OS Compatibility

The developer has to also aware about that if they are developing any application it should be also run on each any every device as per OS and OS version.This is also one of an important key factor behind app getting crashes. If they are making any universal application developer have to do proper coding format as per device and OS version.Because of that user can’t face any crashing issues.

8. Multiple users use app same time

We can also consider one of the reasons for app crashing is multiple user use application at same time. App crashes possible when a number of users use an app at the same time and if the capability of an app is not enough to handle such load. So because of this load (more no. Of users) app getting crash.

9. Too much advertisement

we also consider that too much advertisement is also one of the reasons for app crash because when too much advertisement coming in the app then it is possible that it affects the functionality of the real app and also Because of this advertisement UI issue also Pervert and possibility rise of app crash.

10. Too much code

When developer develops the codes by using too many loops, strings and many others functionality, it is possible that at that time because of these long code memories absorb too much and application creates with higher memory. These too much storage memory of app will create app crash and app stuck. Many times because of too much code, app taking more time to run which is create problem to run such functionality and possibility of app crash.

So above described points are most responsible for app crashes and to overcome these points any developer can make an app which is easy to use and flexible.


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