Smugmug is leader in providing great tools to create mesmerizing photo websites. Its user base spans from individuals, family and professionals. Smugmug provides you complete set of tools to manage your website and make it the best. Smugmug also offer secure storage of your all important photos and videos with watermark and password protected options.

As more and more number of people worldwide are using mobile to access internet we have provided great tool to manage your photo websites with the help of mobile app for both Android and iOS. We have developed these apps using Smugmug APIs provided publically.

Smugmug API offers OAuth 1.0 advanced version to make sure that your web and mobile apps are authenticating the users in a precise manner.

Smugmug API offers HTTP methods so any HTTP Client can be used while integrating APIs with your client app. It offers standard API status code so you can easily predict outcome in case of success or failure of API call.

With Smugmug Advanced settings you can optimize the size of response and control it whenever you want. You can expand or reduce the amount of related data you want to fetch. Like any other standard APIs it has rate limits also. You can request for higher limits when you have more number of requests and users.

To assist developers Smugmug provides Live API browser to check the health of APIs and monitor the downtime if any.

For various website related options Smugmug provides APIs in following categories.

  1. User & User Profile
  2. Image Access & Image Upload
  3. Album management and AlbumImage Management
  4. Folder and Nodes management

With Smugmug API integration we have created some great experiences for Website users that involved Image/Video correction and enhancement options including many filters.

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