Hola Facebook, and thank you so much for giving us an awesome framework like react native for data-driven web interfaces for creating hybrid applications which can extensively work on most outrageously common platforms like ‘Android’ and ‘iOS’ giving a perfect native experience and a lot less of glitch all around. Everyone has been always thinking of a platform like react native for cross platform app development, which is platform independent where they can learn once and inscribe anywhere, using the identical set of principles across whatever platform we want. Sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? And what’s more? Oh yeah, It’s built by the team of one of the most popular social networking site ‘Facebook’ where you can rely always upon one of the best user support one can ever get.

Why it’s better than other cross-platform app development tools?

Other libraries like ‘PhoneGap’, ‘Monocross’, ’Appcelerator’, ’Codename One’, provides a binding around a web soul interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On the other hand, React Native provides an implicit DOM portrayal which furnishes native controls. React Native takes native platform elements like ‘text-views’, ‘buttons’, ‘sliders’, ‘switches’, ‘tab bar’, ‘navigation push’ and inclose them in equivalent React components.

It lets you utilize abundant of third-party libraries from Javascript ecosystem and there is an abundance of learning material to be found. Also, you will be apt to anchorage your frontend skills to make development easier.

While the other cross-platform app development tools which are available lack the maturity of the community, training documentation, supreme observers and proof that it is battle-tested.

Why it’s better than Native Platform?

The advantage of React Native is that if we perceive how to model a React Native app for ‘iOS devices’, we can interpret how to invigorate a React Native app for ‘Android devices’. It’s something like acknowledging once, write universally, develop everything; sounds fantastic, doesn’t It?

React Native eases over native app development through its swift app, modern JavaScript and explicit style rules similar to CSS, wielding exceptional Flexbox for UI layout.

React Native is an excellent modus for developing apps on mobile in a fragment of time in both iOS and Android platform. Changes occur considerably zippy than pausing for Swift/Java code to recompile! This expeditious response loop, besides excellent cross-platform support, shot React Native to the crown-peak must-have skill for app-development engineers.

Some of its advantages due to which I prefer it over native platforms are:-

  • Performance rates close to those of the native platforms
  • Basics of JavaScript knowledge and OOPs concept is adequate
  • Solitary source code and contentedly run it on divergent platforms.
  • Significant time & cost savings

Kick-Starting to React-Native:

Substantially the foremost what-list with top-notch priority is motivation. Believe you can and you’re halfway there’.

The optimum way to grasp React Native is to comprehend what mobile development really is. You need to be aware of the fundamental concepts, such as ‘Toolbar’, ‘Tab Bar’, ‘ViewPager’, ‘Button’,’ Text Fields’, ‘View’, etc. They are reasonably transparent and unambiguous. I will share with you how I went step to step in becoming a successful React Native developer.

Go step by step conquering and mastering every ingredient :

  • Acquire the process of fragmenting down a complex component into many compact, reusable components
  • Discover how to use React and it’s conventional markup language, JSX, to polish up your Javascript codes.
  • Clutch the discrepancy betwixt ‘props’ along with ‘state’ and when to implement them individually
  • Grasp the understanding of the integration of React Native with Firebase for user authentication
  • Fabricate reusable components that appear advantageous
  • Infer the terms and principles of Redux.
  • Go through various websites and tutorials in  Plural sight’, ‘Udacity’, ‘Tutorials Point’, ‘W3Schools’ and give your best in learning.
  • Don’t forget to keep on practicing as practice will make you remember the codes and proper understanding of how a particular element works. Rather it makes a developer perfect.
  • You are all set up, build your first Awesome app by following the installation guide.

Winding – up

I really loved working in ‘React Native’ as it is not much divergent from React. If we have learned the antecedent then it’s equitably unchallenging for us to develop a mobile app using React Native. An approximate apprehension of the basic UI components would be considerate so we understand how to use them and perceive their limitations and constraints.

If you can’t manage the riskiness that comes working with a avant-garde technology and one wants to develop mobile applications for more than just one manifesto, you should be focusing on React Native.

React Native is an absolute emerging option for building mobile applications. Barring your application necessitates such as profound animations or Bluetooth integration I would robustly aid you to prefer the framework which you adore for your project.

The expenditure, productivity, and time economy benefit that development team can obtain with React Native, without preying on application quality, is honestly too great to overlook.

It’s surely one of the best native platforms where I and my team can blindly rely on, and we highly recommend React Native from our point of view.

Why to choose Let’s Nurture for React Native App Development

  • React Native Front end and Back end Development Services
  • We deliver business-specific React Native application
  • We ensure consistent quality levels and unfailing performance ratio

Our developers have advanced knowledge of providing wonderful UIs for customers using the React JavaScript library. With core understanding of React Native app development, we ensure you the best output.

Develop your mobile app in less time by benefiting from our React native App Developers who are adept in React Native code. Reach to us to share your requirements with one of our business executives.

Our Contributions:

We have uploaded a sample code of our Demo app for your better understanding in Github. You can clone or download the “AwesmeApp” project and follow the instructions of Readme file to kick start your first React-Native app.

Well wishes from Team Let’s Nurture.


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