Photobox API( Integration APIs are used for ordering photo products from and Photobox websites. apis are of REST type. It provides status and error code so you can have reliable and predictive results each time you call any of the APIs.

You can use any standard HTTP client to call API endpoints in your website code. APIs returns JSON for faster access of data. API provides two modes one is sandbox and another is live mode. Sandbox mode offers you great amount of flexibility to test your code during development. does provide SDKs for iOS and Android. publishes updates to mobile SDKs on regular basis to introduce new features. You can have mobile app or website to use API and provide platform to showcase photo products and make money on every order.

In order to authenticate users use your API key in the request. Manage your API keys in dashboard section on developer section of website. Make sure API requests are made over HTTPS in order to make it secure.

For managing payments for order placed by your mobile app to there are two options, either Kite takes payment directly or your app processes the payment and send product order requests to Kite Platform.

For the second option where your app processes the payment your payment details must be with Kite to process the order. Billing section of your Kite Dashboard provides you with this option.

Product Listing

Kite provides your product listing API which returns list of products that can be ordered. For product ordering Kite provides option to submit Image as assets for Kite products. User can select pictures from App Photo gallery or device photo gallery to place the order. Images can be customized before placing the order for products from Kite. Kite product list can be customized using Web Admin Dashboard of your account.

Users can order print products like Magnets, Photos in various print sizes, Posters, Phone case for various models of iPhone/iPads, Popular Android Phones, Clothes like T-Shirt, Hoodie, Zipped Hoodie with options to place photos at various positions. User can also customize and order Photobooks/Postcards/Greeting Cards. For various Photo products standard size measurements are available via APIs. User can track order via unique order Id provided at the end of successful transaction.

We have done complete API integration for Wedding Planner website and SDK integration for mobile apps. Visit for more details.


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