Paypal provides wide range of products for accepting payment. You can use any of the following based on your requirement and services its offering.

  • Braintree,
  • Payment Buttons,
  • Payments REST API,
  • PayPal Here,
  • Express Checkout,
  • PayPal Payments Pro/Payflow Gateway,
  • Website Payments Pro &
  • Mobile SDKs for Mobile App payment processing.

PayPal has comprehensive list of APIs to assist developer to manage payment in their own way. PayPal REST APIs operates in two environments : Sandbox for testing and live for production.Access tokens generated in both cases would be different.

PayPal is using industry standard OAuth 2.0 for authentication purpose. For your basic auth credentials get access token using the OAuth 2.0 token grant type and client secret. Access token comes with expiry which is described in terms of seconds. You need to get user’s consent in order to use their Identity data and Make API calls on their behalf.

Login and consent

Before LogIn PayPal does both authentication and authorization and provide user with Login option. User gets consent message after successful login. User consent provides the app enough access to use user’s PayPal attributes.


This is interesting and unique feature of PayPal API which offers Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State(HATEOAS) to create custom flow for API calls based on your app requirement..

Payments Related APIs

For Payments Paypal offers wide variety of API groups and APIs like Payment, Sale Transactions, Refunds, Authorizations, Captures, Billing Plans and Agreements, Orders and Payout


For payment use following API options : Create a payment, Execute an approved PayPal Payment, Look up a payment resource, Update a payment resource and List payment resources.

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