Parse API – Possibilities are Endless

Parse provides great collection of services to get your Data Storage, Push Notification, Social, Cloud code and Embedded requirements done.

  • For Data Storage, you can have your client app in Mobile, Desktop, Web, Unity or PHP and Parse would take care of Data Storage part. Parse provides various storage options for your Data.
  • In Mobile, you can go for iOS, Android or Windows Phone one at a time or all at once depending on your product rollout policy. For Desktop you have OS X and Windows 8 options, soon it would update to latest versions of top Desktop OS.
  • For Push Notification, Parse has following operating system option : iOS, OS X, Windows, Windows Phone 8. For Social Media connect and sharing Parse Provide Mobile(iOS/Android), Desktop(OS X & Windows) and Unity Options.
  • For Cloud Code Parse offers Mac, Linux and Windows as options. Embedded systems are slowly but steadily catching up and Parse offers support for Arduino Yun, RTOS, and Linux(Raspberry Pi) as options. Parse’s SDK partners for Embedded systems are Atme, Broadcom, Intel and Texas Instruments.

Let us look at Parse REST API offering in more details

  1. With JavaScript your mobile website can access Parse data
  2. Your website can show Parse data with the use of webserver.
  3. Upload huge amount of data to Parse which might be consumed by your mobile apps.
  4. Custom Analytics can be done with download option for recent data.
  5. Data on Parse can be accessed by any programming language used for any of your apps.
  6. Parse provide seamless export/import features.

Parse Terminology

Parse uses following names for various coding options to manage your data like Objects, Queries, Users, Sessions, Roles, Files and GeoPoints.

You can map your data models into object format and use methods like Creating, Updating, Deleting, Retrieving, and Queries to perform CRUD operations. For User Authentication and authorization Parse provides sign up, logging in/out, token management, password management methods.

Managing user sessions and its integrity is core part of any robust application, for this Parse offers session creation, updation, retrieval, deletion and get current session detail options. For User Roles also Parse offers CRUD operations.

For Uploading files, there is separate endpoint, For Analytics Parse do offer two variations one is basic Analytics and another is Custom Analytics. For Management of apps and schemas separate endpoints are provided. For cloud related Trigger and Function it offers endpoints to make your development journey smoother.

With Parse Analytics, you can check how and when app users are using the app. First thing you want to track about your app would be that how many times it has been launched. Parse also offers custom analytics with options like free-form events, how many times search was opened and used, monitor and track errors and errors summary as well.

Major strength of Parse is the great flexibility it provides that you are not stuck to any technology and you are not required to have a specific skill set in order to perform your back end operations for your Mobile, Desktop or Web Apps. Parse is strongly backed by Facebook and it is here to stay. Parse offers zero or no learning curve and you can make your app live in no time. LetsNurture has worked on multiple client apps with Parse as backend platform.

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