OpenWeatherMap API

OpenWeatherMap offers wide variety of API options for weather related information.

  • Current Weather Data,
  • 5 Day / 3 Hour Weather Forecast,
  • 16 day / daily weather forecast,
  • Historical Data,
  • Data from weather stations,
  • Map Layers,
  • UV index

OWM(OpenWeatherMap) uses cloud platform for Big Data management. OWM is using open source system components and that provides the required flexibility. OWM has capability of processing great amount of data that runs into several TB every day. OWM provides data in form of numbers and images in raster format.

OWM get processed weather data from meteorological services like NOAA, ECMWF, Canadian Environment, METAR, ARPS and others. OWM uses its own sensor network on Satellites, Weather stations and others spread over entire globe. OWM has access to data from 40,000 weather stations across entire world.

Open Source
OWM uses wide variety of Open source softwares like Apache, PHP, NgInx, TileCache, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Mapnik, PostGIS, Memcache, MongoDB, Gearman, MySQL, Python and others.

Scalability is required for success of any open source API provider. OWM offers great flexibility and super fast scalability options to suit your ever changing needs. OWM has network which is capable of storing data on distributed network of servers and processing naturally is also distributed to make it fail safe.

OWM platform is very robust and supports up to 10 million users and 10,000 calls to OWM servers per second. This is possible with the help of Big Data and cloud technology.

Subscription and Plans
OWM offers plan starting with packages that is free and goes upto the highest plan which supports 2 hundred thousand calls per minute and 200 Million calls per day. Now that’s Hugh Right. It is. OWM offers SLA and availability guarantee up to 99.9% with the highest tier of subscription.

OWM offers up to the minute weather data update, highly distributed server architecture, API support, SSL, Bulk Download options, API Customization in the highest level of package(tier).
With current fees of 2,000 USD per month OWM offers 24 x 7 support along with highest priority support from OWM engineers. One can get upto historic data from 5 years old with a payment of 3,000 USD.

Data Format
OWM Provides data response for weather forecast and current weather data API in JSON, XML or HTML format. OWM provides current weather data of 200,000 cities across the world. 5 Day forecast data includes weather data every 3 hours while 16 day forecast will include daily weather.

Historical Data
Availability of historical data would depend on your account type and engagement with OWM. It ranges from 1 month to unlimited starting with starter account to most advanced account.

Weather Stations
OWM can provide you access to 40K weather stations around the world and data would include most recent to any historical weather station data depending on your requirement. If you have your own weather station you can associate with OWM and make data available to the world of weather enthusiasts. OWM provides you options to perform setup and start data transmission to the world. OWM provides both readymade template or allow you to create your own weather station using OWM and Arduino Kit.

Map Layers
When it comes to weather it is very important how you represent to the users. Users want to see the same weather data on Map with various options like clouds, pressure, temperature, wind, precipitation etc. Weather maps from OWM are available for both mobile and web applications. One can use layers with various Map systems like OpenLayers, Leaflet, Google Mpas, Yandex (More Commonly used in Russia), Direct Tiles and WMS.

UV Index
UV Index varies with temperature during the day. OWM provides UV Index data along for both Current and Historical Weather data for any geo location. Based on UV Index you can provide safety recommendation and protection tips. Data for UV Index is available JSON format.

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