Have you ever thought how beautiful it can be when we have a mobile app that support multiple languages. Well, in-house team of iPhone application development has developed an iOS app with multiple language support – Driving Licence Test App.

Being a leading custom mobile app development company for 10+ years, we have seen many mobile applications which support single language but mobile apps with multilingual language are very rare these days. Driving Licence Test supports many languages like Urdu, Odiya, English, Marathi, Hindi and more. Let’s Nurture has developed an iOS app named Traffic Rules which supports in India, US and UK. Well, all three countries have different laws and Test formats, so obviously it would differ somehow than the others.

Nowadays who likes to purchase a book, turn the pages, sit at one place and mug up!! Just download our app.

Traffic Rules supports many features which includes the understanding and knowledge of different Traffic Signals and Signs. We say that Practice makes a man perfect! So, we have also added the real test exercises. So, user can practice test before appearing for the final test of Driving Licence examination.

We have provided very fascinating UI that any user can understand in all different languages.

Home Screen


(Home screen with Multiple Languages)

Thus, these are the few screenshots which we have shared but there are many languages like Odia, Gujarati, etc.

1. Learn Screen

In Learn Screen, our app has covered almost all the images. It not only shows images but it has Text-To-Speech feature which will speak Image name respectively. So, user can also recognize a traffic sign easily. It supports languages like Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, English and Odiya too.



2. Test Screen

Many people fail the test in Licence Test. So, we have also provided the test rounds with random questions with timer exactly same as RTO gives time to attempt one answer. There are 2 different rounds with 15 each random questions. If user selects none, then also it would count as wrong answer. At the end, it will give you a result that how many answers you have attempted correctly.

It facilitates many languages such as if user knows only hindi then he/she can translate into hindi. Thus, one can attempt test throughout in Hindi language.

Here is the screenshot:



Result Screen :



3. Driving Laws for Different Cities

Think about a situation when you go to a new city and you dont know its traffic rules, its offences and respective penalties. Then it would be totally difficult to a person to survive for long in that scenario. Our iPhone app mostly covers all metro cities like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai.

Each and every city has different laws and penalties respectively which asks for a dire need to go for a custom mobile app development for such applications with multilingual feature.



That’s it. Now enjoy roaming in your vehicle while learning the rules. We have the same mobile app which will guide you through its rules, learning and many more.

UK Driving License Theory Test:


US DMV Driving License Test:

How Let’s Nurture helps for Mobile App Development with Multilingual language?

Let’s Nurture, a leading IT company known for custom mobile app development in India has got the expertise in providing many solutions based applications leveraging Multilingual language. Based on Multilingual mobile application development, we at Let’s Nurture can provide solutions for people, knowing only one or native language.

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