The users are and will be at the center of your UX strategy. In order to make users happy, you need to use the language that they are using while creating users experience journey. You must provide them with the tools to express their emotions and feelings. It can be as simple as Facebook Like or it can be layered feedback mechanism. Provide constant feedback and status so your users is not lost in the maze of information or product catalog you have in your website development or mobile app development.

The users must know where he is and what to do next. Once something is done successfully or otherwise let users know right away. In a lengthy process tell the users where he would like downloading or uploading content or making a purchase. Guide users every step of the way and let them know if they are doing something incorrect. Reward users with proper messages at the right times during their entire journey of interaction with your website or mobile app.

Microinteractions can help you get more success

Start with a proper update about what is happening while users is waiting for search results, payment confirmation, checking email or message or loading Image or Video. Notification text or message text must be informative and fun to read. It should convey the message very clearly to the users.

Use proper color or style to Highlight the action button to grab users attention and convey the meaning or guide users as to what next. Little but subtle standard animation will help you get the things done the right way. Example swipe to delete which has become mainstream now. Many top apps are using it and you should too.

Like Content the Context is also the king and you should make sure you manage it the right way and help users to understand where he is and how he can reach to other screens or main menu.

Import aspects of Micro Interactions  for website and mobile app development

Custom layout brings innovations to the table and take UX forward and higher. Scrolling, rotations, and navigation with gestures must be intuitive and should definitely not require ay kind of training.

Call to Action is something that needs to be handle with great care as that will definitely make you reach if done in most precise way. In eCommerce website development or App developement, users should be able to do shopping quickly and easily. Even if they wants to continue shopping without losing content of cart, help them do it with a single tap. Make your call to action items so attractive that users just looks at it and ignore everything else.

Visualizing input in both mobile apps and website is important. As soon as users starts typing make it animated and key pressed must be raised to let users know he is using and right key and not making any mistake. Visual feedback is greatest form of ux element you can add to your overall strategy.

On screen user guide is the best form of education you can provide to your app or website users at the time of initial uses. Adding animation is something you should definitely do in order to make sure users understands how to operate and take maximum advantage of platform you have created with great care and passion.  

Taking care of User Preferences

Allowing users to change UI element style or gestures for actions or choice has become new norm in great UX. Theming option will help users make app or website personalized for them based on their needs and preferences. Password strength meter or process completion indicator are must to have now a days.

Micro Interactions helps to improve users experience and will help you scale faster. We are living in era of less is more and human centric designs. Design thinking is helping organizations world over to achieve the kind of success which was never dream off. Micro interaction has the lifecycle with trigger, rules, feedback and loops and modes at its heart.  

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