The global market for tracking devices is gaining momentum due to the adoption of better technologies across several sectors. The impetus given to security systems and better management of resources will play a pivotal in enhancing market growth.

The market could be segmented based on the following parameters: type, industry, deployment vehicle, and region. Each of these categorizations are vital in ascertaining the progress of the market. It is important to analyze the sub-segments within these categories to get a wider preview of the market.

There are several kinds of tracking devices are available in the global market. The most famous is GPS Tracking System. There are some other tracking devices and solutions as well. A few of them are BLE or ibeacon based location tracking, iBeacon ranging, Health Tracking or RFID, Livestock tracking solutions, Asset tracking solutions etc.

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Common Usage of GPS tracking solution

A GPS device logs latitude & longitude for its current location. A person can track any thing in which this GPS Tracking system is attached. There is a huge market reliable on GPS Tracking system. It can be used for various purposes. Let’s say, a truck owner wants to track his truck, he can easily track it on any mobile or desktop. In past decade, GPS Tracking System has covered the most parts of the world.

GPS Tracking Solution and System structure is very simple. Due to that anyone can use it. Just fix GPS Tracking System and start tracking them. Nowadays, many schools are demanding this kind of technology. It will help parents to track School Bus on their mobile. Also, some schools are using GPS based Identity card for their students. This card is same as normal card, but this card having GPS chip inside it. With the help of these cost effective tracking solutions and devices, parents can regularly track their children at minimum cost leveraging custom mobile app development, which makes remote monitoring possible whenever you need.

Location based Solutions for Multiple Industries:

There are lots of places where GPS is used widely. The Fishermen, Boatmen, Navy, they are also using GPS for direction in wide ocean. The GPS can be very helpful to them. Using this kind of devices, they will know that where they are going.

BLE & iBeacon Tracking:

Wearable App Development

This is very new technology to track nearby things around you. Nowadays, people are using many things related to BLE and iBeacon. But they don’t know which technology they are using. Most of people wearing FitBit, iWatch, Smart Watch. All these are connected to your mobile leveraging wearable app development. It will work when your mobile is nearby and connected. Those devices are using BLE or iBeacon. This technology will determine real time distance between your mobile and BLE or iBeacon device.

Smart Museum and Management

There are some place where iBeacon and BLE are using widely. A museum is best example. If organizer set range and content of his/her each item in a beacon and place beside that item, whenever visitor come to that place, they will get notification on their phone with all kind of information. It called Smart Museum. This kind arrangement we can not whatever places we want. No need anyone to explain what that item is.

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Beacon and IoT based Smart Healthcare Solutions

There are also few medical devices which are using BLE technology to transfer data from Medical Devices to your mobile or desktop. It is using BLE or GATT protocol to transfer data. Its transmission speed it fast. The Medical companies are providing Blood Pressure, Glucose, Thermometer Stripe devices. Once any user takes reading, these devices transmit data to connected mobile. This will be helpful to user who is far away from his/her doctor. The doctor can also advise him for his patient’s reading. mHealthcare solutions which can be referred as Smart Healthcare solutions is the future of healthcare industry which will allow to bring healthcare home.

Fleet Management Solutions

When you want to track whether your vehicle passed any of your company gates, or quantity of goods, simply attached a RFID tag to it. This RFID tag having encrypted code and it will be scanned on its scanner. Many big manufacturer companies are using these king of RFID tags. Their price are not too much and can be easily affordable. A RFID system would be used in a warehouse to scan the boxes as they are loaded on a truck then the truck itself is tracked on a different system using GPS with its own feature and software.

Other GPS Usages

  • Personal Usage: Any person who want to use GPS for his personal indentation, he can use. He has to follow some rules and register and can use GPS.
  • Car Direction: Whenever you have to go to some unknown place through car, if you have installed GPS installed in your Car, it will show you turn by turn navigation on map. Using this, you can reach to your any kind of destination.
  • Racing: There are few races which required to have GPS with your. This is used to track racer, glider or skee whether they did take any kind of shortcuts to reach destination.
  • Monitoring Employee: A company which is working on field marketing and wants to track all employees who are on field, it can be done through GPS.
  • Track Children: Some parents are also tracking their children. There are few devices which are sending text messages to parents if their children visited unexpected places.

Asset Tracking using BLE/iBeacon/RFID

  • Luggage Tracking: A user can track his/her luggage by keeping a BLE/iBeacon device inside of that luggage. This can be useful in Airport where your luggage will be in luggage trolley. If you are standing near by it, it will gives you alert and you can find out your luggage very easily.
  • Warehouse boxes: The big manufacturing companies are using this kind of technology to track their assets. RFID is mostly used with this king boxes. A person can scan through scanner and easily find out all details of that box.

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Vehicles OBD Tracking

  • Many big car companies are providing OBD port to their cars. This OBD port is useful to get car data and maintain its health. There are so many IT companies working on this technology as it is the future. OBD scan all data of your car and show all statistics in your mobile or desktop. Using this, you can track your health without going to service center.
  • There are also few OBD devices which are having GPS inbuilt. It will send your car current location if it is plugged in.

How Let’s Nurture can help to fulfil your requirement for GPS and Tracking Solutions?

We at Let’s Nurture provide IoT based solutions mainly using beacons and tracking devices. We have deployed Proximity based solutions for Museums, PoS and at various location based events. Our team is well prepared and we can define and develop a Proximity based solution for your ever evolving requirement which will be scalable, quick and effective for your business. We have also developed skills to work with any kind of  GPS tracking system. Also, we have skilled developers who are having powerful grip on BLE, iBeacon, Health Devices & OBD chips.

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