Kinvey API

MBaaS – Mobile Backend as a Service – Kinvey Provide MBaaS. MBaaS is required for all mobile apps specially Enterprise Apps.

Kinvey provides following:

  1. Mobile Client Tier
  2. Mobile Context Tier
  3. Mobile Aggregation Tier

Mobile Client Tier

For a successful mobile app, you need offline caching and robust encryption method that would ensure data security.

Mobile Client Tier of Kinvey provides User Management, Offline Caching, Push Notifications, Location services, Data encryption and Network Management.

Mobile Context Tier

Data, Push Notifications, Location, Analytics and Business Logic are core architecture elements of any successful mobile app. Additionally you would need reliable backend infrastructure that would help you in versioning and deployment of new apps.

Mobile Context Tier of Kinvey provides Push Notification, CDN, Identity, Data Storage, Business Logic, Protocol Translation, On-Demand scale, Encryption and Analytics.

Mobile Aggregation Tier

For the great mobile experience, one needs to have secure data and identity management. With Kinvey you get host of options to manage user identity.

Mobile Aggregation Tier of Kinvey provides Data Link Connectors and Mobile Identity Connectors.

As per Gartner recent survey: By 2016, 80% of mobile applications will leverage cloud backend as a service.

Kinvey Provides SDK and Developer Tools for iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5, PhoneGap, Angular JS. Besides this it does provide REST API as well. So it covers from Proprietary, Hybrid and Open Source and everything in between.

Kinvey offers wide variety of Data Link Connectors like SAP, salesforce, ORACLE, Microsot Dynamics, apigee, SQLServer, SharePoint, mongoDB, Layer 7 plus SOAP & REST Web Service.

For Mobile Identity Connectors, it provides Ping Identity, CA technologies, Enterprise connectors like Active Directory,LDAP, SAML 2.0, ORACLE Identity Management, IBM, FORGEROCK, okta, 3rd Party OAuth like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as options. That should cover entire gamut of your userbase. Kinvey does offer its own OAuth2.

For User management, Offline Caching, Push Notification, Location Services and Data Encryption Kinvey provide easy to integrate SDK and sample code that does the trick and put your mobile app on right track from the day one.

Security and Privacy is of utmost importance for enterprise IT solutions, for this Kinvey has Data Encryption, Network Security, Access controls, Infrastructure, hardening, & backup plus Data Security, monitoring and auditing at every level of Enterprise IT solution architecture.

With Kinvey Premium Analytics, one can guarantee enterprise compliance and governance by tieing up user identity to app usage. You can create user segments based on their usage and listen to them via their feedback to bring about innovations faster. Export app usage and compliance data whenever your want with Kinvey API.

In Modern Enterprise scenario, multiple teams working from distributed environment is a common trait, to manage this Kinvey offers systems integrators, complete control over development, staging and production servers. Versioning and migration can be done easily with small set of commands.

For cloud deployment you have choice of using your own private cloud, dedicated Kinvey on Kinvey cloud or Multi-tenant cloud.

Kinvey Developer Dashboard offers live interactive Dashboard to monitor app usage activity in real time. It also provides management tool for Users, Data, Data Links, Business Logic, Engagement and settings. It also provides console to test various APIs that are being used in your app.

LetsNurture has provided Kinvey solutions for Enterprise Apps like Fleet Management, HR Management and Messaging Apps. Based on our experience we believe it is Swiss army knife of BaaS for Native or Hybrid Mobile Apps.

Kinvey can be used for management of Field Workforce, Energy/Utility Companies, Enterprise IT, Financial Services, Pharma/Healthcare, Media & Entertainment and ever booming Retail sector.


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