We heard a lot about cross-platform frameworks. So, what actually cross-platform application development means?

It may run on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Android with the same code.

There are so many applications such as Xamarin development, PhoneGap development, or Ionic development which support cross-platform development. Ideally, you write the code once and compile code for different platforms.

Cross-platform development using Ionic.

Ionic is the top famous & free open source mobile SDK for developing native and progressive web apps supporting all mobile platforms. Ionic creator allows all member of the team to participate in drag-and-drop prototyping and exports real Ionic code to kick off your development.

We can use the Ionic View(which is also free) app for live app testing and get our app in the hands of clients, testers, or collaborators as quickly as we make changes.

Ionic Versions:

  • Ionic 1 built on top of Angular 1
  • Ionic 2 built on top of Angular 2
  • Ionic 3 built on top of Angular 4

There are so many other advantages which you will find Ionic official site so please read it out.

Below are few steps which would require before installing Ionic, first we need to install  Apache Cordova, which will take our app and bundle it into a native wrapper to turn it into a traditional native app. For that, if we don’t have NPM then pls follow below steps to install

For Linux system and MacOS

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.11.1/install.sh | bash

source ~/.profile

nvm -v

nvm ls-remote

nvm install the latest version

nvm use the latest version

then follow other steps which mentioned in the Ionic official site which is https://ionicframework.com/docs/intro/installation/

Ionic provides very good documentation which you will find on:


Ionic come with lots of advantages but there are some limitations where Ionic is not the best choice to use.

  • If you don’t like Angular, don’t use it (Ionic v2 uses Angular 2)
  • If you don’t like the iOS graphic style, don’t use it (but Ionic v2 also includes Material design)
  • Ionic v2 also introduces themes so that apps don’t look all the same.
  • Android is VERY fragmented, and there are very old versions out there people still use (although there is a workaround called crosswalk)
  • Performances are not the best, especially with older versions of Android (again crosswalk may be a solution)
  • You don’t have plugins for everything, and if you need something specific, you’ll need to program it for all the target OSes.

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