The users should be able to find what they are looking for. We need to worry about people with fat fingers too. Let’s make buttons big enough so everyone can reach to it. This helps to get things to perform quicker than ever. Floating Action button for Android app is such well thought example of addition in Google’s Strategy for better UX. You need to continuously observe how users are using your system be it website or mobile app.

Analyze the user’s attention heatmap and make your UI design accordingly for better nicer UX. Make website and mobile apps easy to use and create over all experience which has incentive for speed and performance. Less is more is of importance in terms of choices you provide to the users. Users shouldn’t be overloaded with choices. This confuses them and can make overall experience slower. Just present what users wants and not what you are trying to sell. We are living in the world of plenty and that can be an issue when it comes to user’s decision making process.

Utilize content for better speed

Your focus should be on how to reduce time it takes for the users to make decision and provide him with wow factor. Aloha moments are more important than educating users with tons of products which he might never buy in his lifetime.

Content should be laid out on page in such a way that it becomes easy for users to digest and navigate. Layout must be easy on eyes and must use the space completely without overwhelming the users. Generally in websites choices are on left and content is on right. Rest can be used for banner ads too as you might want to have multiple source of income, right. Product features must be presented with some illustrations or icons to make it noteworthy and easy to remember. Pictures worth thousand words and people really don’t read everything you write.

AMP and Progressive Web Apps are the trends to adapt

Google monitors page speed of your website and will put you in the search results accordingly. Like Google no one likes slow websites. Specially on Mobile when connectivity can be an issue and size is already a constraint you definitely want to make sure your pages loads at a blazing speed and has all the necessary content in responsive layout.

With the new crop of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Progressive Web (Web with all the benefits of Mobile App development) strategies world is going towards faster and better UI and UX for both desktop and mobile users. With ever increasing number of people connecting with mobile devices it is now of prime importance to make your web mobile ready and mobile friendly. By following AMP Principles from Google not only you are making your website faster but better too at the same time.

Gone are the days of 3 seconds rules. Nowadays people are not even ready to wait for more than one second, everyone wants everything to happen right here right now. Gen Z has not patience and why would they have because they have been fed with faster connectivity options and high performance software systems. These new crop of users prefers only in fast mobile experience and nothing else. If you can make your website faster it will make you richer as faster experiences bring more conversions.

For faster and high performance mobile experiences just display what people might like to see, for details they can always go to another link. Compressing images and improving page speed is smart thing to do. Once it loads, users can always go and check better quality image. Reduce number of steps and redirects, allow users to do whatever they want with whatever they have. If it’s not responsive it will become history it is as simple as that.

Increase performance with better speed

Performance is new synonym of users experience and you must take it very seriously. Look the competition and follow the best practices to improve speed and ease of users of your UI design and overall UX. Better speed can make you better brand and slower speed can ruin everything you might have built over the years. You want users to come back and in order to make it possible make sure your website and mobile apps are easy to navigate.

You might want to add lite version for audiences from markets where internet bandwidth is an issue and cost of quality internet is high. Lite version can have little less amount of features. Though users will have what they want. Moreover, it will work wonders for you in markets which are not traditionally very strong for you.

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