We look at the world in colors and world looks at your website and mobile apps with special attention to colors too. Color is the weapon to win the customer’s heart. Color will help you catch user’s attention in no time. Customers will make up their mind depending on your choice of colors for your website and mobile apps. Color defines your brand and help you improve your identity. Color combination is an important aspect to take care while the website development and mobile app development process is in your agenda.

You can either stick to back colors or mixture of them. Every color means something and so does your brand and its message you want to spread out there. Color wheel can help you in identifying your strategy for color. If you use opposite colors that will help you create impact and energy compare to you use colors that are next to each other.

Define your purpose with strategizing your web or app development through colors


For readability make sure you are using enough contrast and make text more distinct and prominent. As you must be knowing green means go. For E-Commerce it is highly recommended to use Green color button for checkout or make payment. But there are exceptions too. If you brand has red as the basic or primary color don’t change and keep red for that final frontier for your success. Rule here is to continue with your brand colors and not have too many colors.

Brand identity

Color defines your culture and brand identity. If we look at some of the leading brands like Apple, Google, GE, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft they have carry forward legacy of their brand identity with colors that they are stick to forever. You might want to do the same and not confuse your customer with every changing color palette for your website of mobile apps.

Industry specific color scheme

Customers associate color and industries more easily than anything else. If we look around more tech companies opting for blue, health and fitness companies goes for green and fast food companies for red. But as always you can make exception and carve your niche by being bold in your color selections for your branding be it your website or your mobile app.

Audience specific

World is equally divided when it comes to gender and their preferences for color. Pink is color of choice generally for female while men prefers blue. Female more opt for brighter while male goes for more darker shades. Even in white color men and women are not unison and they have their own preferences. So, it is better to analyze your user base and make sure you cater to the need of your audience and not just follow the standard rules.

For color blind audience

Another major concern is there is a small minority of powerful people around the world who suffers from color blindness. Now you need to make sure your designs are color blindness proof and you have enough alternates available for people with color blindness. There are tools available online which you can use to check the readiness of your User Interface designs for color blind people.

Perform A/B (Alpha Beta) testing

Color definitely plays a vital role in helping you get more conversion and better transaction rates on your website. Results have proven that many times Red Color buttons gives you better conversion rates compared to green. But this should not be taken as standard and you need to use tools to perform A/B (Alpha Beta) testing before changing or finalizing colors. If you use Bright colors people tends to remember them better. But at the end of the day user decides everything so it is better to listen to your user for coming out with winning formula of color of your success.

Use Colors wisely for better User experience

There is great philosophy that is attached to colors and you must use colors wisely in order to increase usability and accessibility of your designs.  Use both colors and symbols so user if having issues with colors can always fall back to symbols and get the meaning you are trying to convey. Less is more and we are living in the world of minimalistic designs. The skeleton or silhouette also does the trick.

Another interesting aspect of use of colors for better UX is to stick to common and general. This will help people to understand to have worldwide like traffic light colors. Moreover the benefit is, zero training is required and no extra efforts to convey message. Red for warning and green for success blends well with your overall UX plan. When you put text on the top of an image make sure text is readable. And even, you are not losing the image that is in the background.

Link colors should be by default blue but when you text is in blue the links must have complementary colors.

You can create hierarchy using colors too. And that would just require to have 3-4 colors in your armoury.  All in all color is prime and will remain prime for the foreseeable future for user experience design.

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