Today we learn how to submit app on iTunes Store . before starting we need to ensure our app is fully tested & our app is compatible according to Apple Guideline ( as ref. link :- then we should start to deployment app on iTunes Store.

1) If application is in upload ready mode

Steps 1 :- Register App ID

You need to first create App Id  for your application.each application have a unique App Id .App Id have two parts which is separated by a period(.). App Id Prefix that is your team id &  App Id suffix is your bundle id, bundle id should be unique for each app. apple recommend using a reverse-domain name style string (i.e., com.domainname.appname). It cannot contain an asterisk (*).


Steps 2 :- Create Distribution Certificate

   1)   Create Production Certificate

  • Create production Certificate with type of certificate means What type of certificate do you need?

   2)  Create CSR File (Certificate Signing Request)

  • You need to first Request a Certificate from Certificate Authority (Using Keychain Tool —> Certificate Assistant–> Request a Certificate from Certificate Authority) .

   3)     Upload CSR file.

   4)     Create Distribution provisioning profile.

  •   Create Distribution provisioning profile with type of App Store Distribution provisioning profile.
  •   Select App Id  — > Continue — > Save/generate  Distribution provisioning profile.

Note :-  Download provisioning profile, set bundle id & distribution provisioning profile in your app.


5)  Create App on iTunes Store

  1. Open iTunes Connect website.
  2. Create New App
  3. Choose Platform
  4. Set App name
  5. Choose Primary Language
  6. Select bundle id ( which is created in developer account)
  7. Set SKU number
  • Fill all App store requirement details .

6) Create Archive

  • After setup bundle id & distribution provisioning profile in your app you need to create archive file & upload on iTunes Store.

7) Submit app on iTunes store

  1.  Login in iTunes Store.
  2.  Attach latest build.
  3.  Click to save option.
  4.  Click to submit for review option.


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