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Chatbot is also known as IM Bot, Artificial conversational entity, talk bot and chatter bot. It is an automated software program that communicates with people via audio chat or text chat. It is a service based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that interacts with users. Nowadays, smart companies are saving their resources and money by using chatbots to do basic first level interaction with customers.

Customers are smarter today than they were five years ago and they expect you to be adept at your communications with them. They look for an immediate response to their queries. Customer engagement, support and loyalty can be increased significantly by improving the Customer Experience. One of those ways is by implementing intelligent chatbot development.

Chatbots are classified into two types: Script-based & AI-powered

Script based Chatbots

These Chatbots have a specific flow. They have a predefined script that they follow and are generally implemented for a specific use case, could be customer service, shopping assistants or weather update bots.

AI-powered Chatbots

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to ‘learn’ from multiple conversations, draw context, and respond within that context. They are designed to ‘talk’ to humans as a ‘human’.

Here are some of the famous frameworks which are widely used for Chatbot Development.

  • (Facebook Bot Engine)
  • Microsoft Bot Frameworks

For more complex customization for your chatbot development, you can opt for – it is a conversational UX platform and ai – natural language for developers. provides SDKs and libraries for bot development with Android, iOS, Webkit HTML5, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, etc. can be integrated with many popular messaging, IoT and virtual assistant’s platforms. Few of them are Slack, Skype,  Line, Telegram Amazon ALexa, Actions on Google, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Twilio SMS, Twitter, etc. – Facebook Bot Engine:

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Facebook Messenger addresses business vulnerability with the help of Chatbot development. An online survey statistics says that, there were millions developers developing chatbots for messenger.

Some specific options provided by are extract date and time, user’s intent, sentiments of the users. Also it can define and extract its own entities.


Microsoft Bot Frameworks:

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The integration component of Microsoft Bot Framework is very impressive. It can be integrated with FB Messenger, Telegram, WebChat, GroupMe, SMS, Email, Slack and Skype. Azure is Platform as a Service option for Microsoft to develop any Bots. Similarly like Facebook, SDKs for the Microsoft can be viewed as 2 separate components :

     1. Bot Connector, a framework for the integration

               2., a language understanding component

 There are many other frameworks available for Chatbot development e.g. Aspect CXP and Aspect NLU, Rasa, Chatfuel, Botsociety etc.

Chatbots from Let’s Nurture

With a unique expertise and experience, you can hire chatbot developers from Let’s Nurture to give your brand a unique identity. Industries which covered by Let’s Nurture for Chatbot Development are Hospitality & Personal Concierge, Personal Styling, Banking, News, Weather, Food Ordering, Healthcare, Education, E-commerce and many more.


During one of the events held at Let’s Nurture – Hackathon, our team of talents had developed the messenger bot in Python. It replies to the queries relating to the weather. Let’s Nurture is working towards improving the Chatbot solutions. The Chatbot developers can help awareness to the problems that they encounter and help each other to contribute to this brilliant innovation.  

We, at Let’s Nurture, have hands-on building Chatbots. You can see our own Chatbot working on our website. If you wish to have the one for your website then get a free quote for the same.

Happy ChatBotting! 😉


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