Have you ever thought of a service which can connect your device with your car and allows you to do all the stuff related to your phone while driving Car!!

We all have heard about many great technologies which enrich users in its own way. Recently Apple has given new features to CarPlay and its infotainment is revamping every year. One can easily switch between apps, enhance their own music experience and can do much more. One does not need to press Home button and go back again, icon is already provided to you in the status bar which can be managed easily. Certain apps would appear in Status Bar such as Music, Navigation, Communication and Entertainment Category.

Basically, an Apple CarPlay is an interface overlaid on top of another Media Systems.

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Enhanced Features you can get in iOS 11

Route Guidance

Just think about a scenario where there are four lanes and you need to turn right in the far right lane. So it is always helpful to know sooner than later. Carplay gives this feature while driving with its audio navigation once connected to your iPhone. With Apple CarPlay, even in dark light, it can be visible properly. Not only this feature but one can zoom in/ zoom out in while showing navigation routes.

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While passing through the routes and getting updates of weather is more enhancing. With Carplay app, you can ask Siri and get updates of weather.

Fusion mode

One can now launch third-party apps in the CarPlay interface and use the hardware Home button to close out of the apps instead of having to tap on the software Home button.

Navigation Routes

It gives support for Spotify, Google Maps and VoiP apps like Skype and Audible.

Apple Watch

With CarPlay you are able to receive Notifications – when your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired and give alerts.

Well, you can do lot of stuff like changing background of CarPlay UI, enabling and configuring current play information, moving Speed information, make your device auto-lock when user disconnects.

Augmented Reality

We all are very much aware that apple has given very exhilarating features to users. One cannot only see navigation in 2D manner or see lanes but with iOS maps supporting AR, it can make more immersive with its virtual reality with its ‘Flyover’ Feature in 3D view. One can easily spin around, zoom in, zoom out and can see buildings, monuments, names of cities and much more. Isn’t it great to use with Carplay!

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How to Set-Up Wireless CarPlay System?

It is already mentioned above that user can do all the stuff without taking out your iPhone from your bags and manage all with CarPlay. User just needs to pair CarPlay for the first time and after that CarPlay will work wirelessly when user enters the car. Below are the images when you connect your iPhone with CarPlay.

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Image Src: https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2017/717/

To start the CarPlay Setup, you need to hold the Voice Control button on steering wheel. First, add a CarPlay Device and add a Bluetooth Device. Below are the Images which will ask you to enable the configuration of CarPlay.

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Image Src: https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2017/717/

Thus, it is paired and CarPlay will automatically be reconnected.

The needed hardware requirements are: Bluetooth, Wifi and Location

How CarPlay Works?

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The main thing which takes place between iPhone and CarPlay is the communication protocol takes place which is called iAP2. It allows your Bluetooth Device to connect with any wireless device accessories and the application running on iPhone which receives raw data, sends HID Report, receiving call Information, media information and so on.

Raw data in this term we can say that the interaction of human voice input has been processed, transferring its input to bit processed information, analysed and transfers again to iPhone device or vice versa.

Architecture of CarPlay

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This shows the Architecture how CarPlay works internally with iPhone.

  1. USB Connection : One needs to connect iPhone with USB to set up CarPlay. It requires as support for support USB and Car functions as a USB device and your iPhone acts as USB Host.
  2. IP and iAP2 : The Communication Protocol which acts as a bridge and sensors between iPhone and CarPlay, to get the data of driving speed with its Sensors which they collect it from GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).
  3. Communication Plug-in, Audio, Video : It works as a control between the devices and manages the flow such as notification alerts, Siri control, Audio, Music Player and many more.

Setting up a Wireless connection

When bluetooth is connected, car sends the credentials to iPhone for its connection and establishes it and starts its CarPlay session.

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Voice Recognition in CarPlay

When owner actions (Driver Speaks/Commands with Words), the resources in Carplay are given back to iPhone for its events to perform and then the resources with its actions and appState are transferred to CarPlay.

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When any custom iOS app has multiple features like route navigation, phone calling and voice interaction, CarPlay passes it to the iPhone with its appState like if showing Navigation then it transfers its appState as : turn-by-turn

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When it comes on Developer’s side, one need to take into mind some parameters that Carplay is connected to iPhone so whatever app is supported in iPhone might have different user actions and clicks in iPhone and CarPlay. For example, think about that apple watch is also connected to iPhone and has same apps in both but user does not need to tap or command in Apple Watch as they do in iPhone.

Let us take a scenario

Some new mail arrives, user wants to click or tap in particular app to open specific mail. But iWatch just notifies because it has its own hardware context. So while making CarPlay Custom app, it should be more user friendly without any taps, like to give notification in CarPlay UI instantly via that specific app or notifies through the user Voice Command. In short, user should not perform more physical user input with CarPlay, thus to give user more complacency in using CarPlay.

While doing a custom iphone app development of CarPlay, you need to create an entitlements file in your project and add your key in entitlement file and set its value to true like:

One must have car entitlements to show and display its icon in CarPlay. To declare in app.entitlements file you need to add a key like,

1) To match a Car :

<array><string>com.brand</string> </array>

2) To match only with a specific feature :

<array> <string>com.brand.feature</string> </array>

To determine compatibility which app appears in which cars, one need to choose appropriate protocol names like com.brand (to match all cars), com.brand.feature (to match car with specific feature), com.brand.model (to match with specific car model).

To declare compatible vehicles, the iAP2 Protocol which is used for identical information, one need to declare at least one SupportedExternalAccessoryProtocol and set to true which implement all the supported Transports to Protocol between two of them.

To confirm whether CarPlay is active or not, one needs to compare with key DeviceTransportIdentifie.

Thus, with the CarPlay Infotainment, it’s great for a user that they can enhance its features without tapping anywhere on phone and can have their own custom apps. If you want to have your own custom and compatible iOS app developed for CarPlay, then get in touch with us now for a free quote.

Till then avail the benefits of having a CarPlay.


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