React Native makes it easier to code rather coding for both Android Application Development and iOS Application Development using one platform. A Mobile App Development using versatile User Interface (UI) and dynamic User Experience (UX). This is how we cast React Native into picture!

React Native App Development helps you build smoother, exciting real apps using javascript only, which support both android and iOS platforms. No more wasting time, code once, the React Native app is ready. There is no spending hours for development of code twice.

React was previously used for iOS then Facebook built a support for android hence building React Native. React Native builds enhanced UI Components to build the Javascript code. The coder is required to know the least three languages that are HTML, CSS and the Javascript since it creates the same code for React Native iOS and Android applications.

React Native in a NutShell


React Native is a framework in JavaScript for creating various mobile application in iOS and Android. Facebook supported React to build a support library in JavaScript to aim mobile platforms. So now developers can build mobile apps using this React Native which can be used between platforms for both iOS and Android.

Some Features of React Native

Efficient for Coders

While in software development cycle, for web development one can make changes by reloading the browser but in mobile development, you need to implement the changes. It helps making re-compilation of code, every single time you make changes.

Cost Reduction, Time saving and Reusability

As the same code can be used by both the platforms Android and IOS , the 90% of the code can be reused. Thus, reducing time for developers to code, which reduces half of the expenses made while coding for both of them.Though it saves time, hence reducing the cost of resources, maintenance.

Lite Weight, Easy and Reloading

It doesn’t take time reload as one screen shows the code, the other screen shows you the result of the code. Any changes in the code directly reflect, thus, making it freefrom re-compilation making it Lite Weight.

One of the Best mobile tools which use Debugging tools

React native provides you the benefits of using intelligent debugging tools,which can use whatever text editor you need for Javascript editing. React native does not support you for development of IOS and Android using Xcode. React native being the hybrid app development platform.

Some other Benefits of React Native

REACT Native Framework include its superfast development, properties to reuse components and ease to be maintained. Besides, it is a timesaving process and therefore many industries and even individuals prefers using React Native along with Node JS for creating dynamic mobile applications.

Ionic app development helps to access the attributes of software and hardware platform,but don’t work offline because of the HTML functionality but React Native can be used offline. PhoneGap App Development (now Apache Cordova) is a very popular Mobile App Development using cross-platform. It enables to create a hybrid model, but this even doesn’t support offline usability.

What we can offer you in Let’s Nurture?

Despite having few ups and downs, the REACT Native Framework succeeded in all the tests and barriers to become the priority for almost every React Native Development Company to develop the mobile apps. Let’s Nurture has expert React native developers, who finds it easier to code in React Native. It has even cost effective, re-usable, free from re-compilation, which makes the process more exciting to focus on both iOS and Android platforms to build the app. Hence, You can choose Let’s Nurture to build apps using React Native.

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