With a popular game like ‘Pokémon Go’, AR games have been gaining a lot of attention nowadays. 2016 had been a year to popularize AR solution. The market for augmented reality is growing rapidly with the technology niche adapting it in their business practices.

Mobile AR could become the primary driver of a $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021 (underperform $94 billion, outperform $122 billion), with AR taking the lion’s share of $83 billion and VR $25 billion. – TechCrunch

The technology giants SnapChat, FaceBook and Google have been big players in implementing augmented reality solutions into their businesses with smart filters, AR camera platform and Google lens respectively.

On 5th June 2017, Apple announced ARKit which they claim to be the ‘largest AR platform in the world.’

Introduction to Apple’s AR solution – ARKit

Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) is used to keep an eye around the world. VIO coalesces camera sensor data with CoreMotion data. Without additional calibration, VIO allows the device to accurately sense how it moves within a room.

ARKit can detect horizontal planes like tables and floors, and can track and place objects on smaller feature points as well. Moreover, it can detect the lighting over the objects and adjust the effect accordingly.

This AR solution is good in fast scene understanding and runs on A9 and A10 processor. It allows you to build detailed virtual content by optimizing ARKit in Metal, SceneKit, and third-party tools like Unity and Unreal Engine.

Here’s how Apple describes ARKit in its press release

Apple is introducing a new platform for developers to help them bring high-quality AR experiences to iPhone and iPad using the built-in camera, powerful processors and motion sensors in iOS devices. ARKit allows developers to tap into the latest computer vision technologies to build detailed and compelling virtual content on top of real-world scenes for interactive gaming, immersive shopping experiences, industrial design and more.

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LetsNurture has defined the AR/VR market as ever growing. Not just in gaming but many other industries like Retail and Manufacturing will soon leverage this technology into their custom business practice.

With the introduction to the ARKit, Apple has confirmed that iOS 11 will see an enhancement of features. By not only supporting third-party AR apps but also giving a platform to develop Apple specific AR apps, Apple has hit the right way.

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