Happy New Year, wish you have a rocking year ahead!

Today we are happy to share about one of the initiatives that our engineers are excited to take for the community and of course for LetsNurture. Yes “Engineering blog” is the very first initiative of the year 2016!

LetsNurture and Community

There are two sides of LetsNurture, first one is obviously software services and products development, and another is collaboration with community and support them for the betterment of the community, whether it could be organizing cloth camp in winter, organizing toys camp to collect toys from people and distributing it to the children in slum area and many more such things.

We at LetsNurture have been also providing technical support to the technical community like Google Developers Group Ahmedabad. When we talk about our technical contribution, we are always glad about that we have been providing speakers, website development and design resources for their events like DevFest Ahmedabad.

We have also created an android application “BloodMonk” which helps users to not only find names of blood donors in the city on time but also find information on the nearest hospital in less time. Check out the video for more about this initiative!

Engineering blog, what is this? One more initiative?

Probably all of you might have guessed it perfectly as you have visited through Engineering.letsnurture.com link and you are reading this initial blog, so yes this is our one more initiative for contributing and giving something back to the technical community.

Our engineers have explored new technologies and have gained expertise, have done innovation using some of the coolest technologies like beacon, NFC, ChromeCast, BLE sensors and have developed something cool out of their innovative ideas. Check out the video to know more what we have explored and provided to our clients so far!

Now we want to take our contribution to the next level, with that we are introducing this blog where we would be sharing our learning and expertise with community by publishing technical blog posts. We would also be sharing our talks, slides/presentations and materials that we would be delivering and using in conferences/events.

On another side of sharing our expertise, our engineers would be learning many new things, would be exploring and learning from the expert’s comments and reader’s feedback.

Someone has rightly said “Teach is to learn twice”!

Look forward to see you among our top readers!

Paresh Mayani

Technical Lead - Mobile @ Lets Nurture. More details on http://stackoverflow.com/users/379693/paresh-mayani

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