The main perspective is to determine the influence of quality on customer satisfaction and business performance, so today it largely determine on its competitiveness. Quality Service and Customer satisfaction are two fundamental principles to improve business and profit of the company.

Being one of the leading custom mobile app development companies, we, at Let’s Nurture, are aware of the impact of providing quality IT services and deliverables in order to achieve customer satisfaction. This blog represent analysis of quality service, customer satisfaction and business performance in IT outsourcing company. Good services create customer loyalty and increase the productivity and quality of work. The principle objective of an organisation is to maximize profit and to minimize cost.

What is Quality Service?

Quality service defines meeting client’s perceptions of service and exceed their expectations. The aim of providing quality services is to satisfy customer’s requirement. Measuring and improving quality is more difficult for services than for products. Quality Service should be transcendent, product based, user based and manufacturer based. In user based perspective, quality should lie on eye of stakeholder. On the perspective of product based, quality should be precise and measurable.

According to SERVQUAL model, there are 5 dimensions of quality service:

  • Tangibility – It determines appearance of physical facilities, equipment and personnel.
  • Reliability – It must have ability to perform promised service dependently and accurately.
  • Responsiveness – It should provide prompt service to customer.
  • Assurance – It indicates the knowledge and courtesy of customer and ability to inspire trust and confidence.
  • Empathy – Firms providing Individualized attention and caring to its customers.

What dimensions mean for service provider?

Tangibility – This is the least important dimension as compared to other dimensions but appearance matters. Here, it mainly focuses on employees appearances, uniform, equipments, work areas on-site(service offices) look good. At the end, provider have to keep an eye on everything before jumping to reliability or responsiveness.
Reliability: Service provider should keep their consistency of work to maintain the reliability with stakeholders. If they said their work will be completed on time then within time their work needs to be completed. There should be service level agreement between the providers and stakeholders to maintain a reliability among them.

Components of service quality

Fig1.1: Components of service quality

Responsiveness – Service providers should respond quickly, rapidly, promptly, immediately and instantly to the client. Even if client is chronically slow in getting back to provider, its the responsibility of the provider to make feel the customer that providers are the responsive to their request.

Assurance – Service providers are expected to be experts of the service and should have ability to communicate well that expertise customer. If the service provider is highly skilled but somewhere lack in communication then it creates negative impression on customers and the confidence of clients for providers gets lower. This lowers the service quality.

Empathy – In the last service delivery matters. The good of interaction with customer plays a important role to improve service quality. A brief section of orientation will help providers how to interact customer and their end users.

Pie chart to distinguish 5 service dimensions that customers care about:

Pie-chart distinguishes 5 dimensions

Fig 1.2: Pie-chart distinguishes 5 dimensions

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction defines meeting up clients expectation by understanding clients requirement. In other words we can define how product and services provided by a company meets or surpass client’s expectation. Customer Expectation is the needs and wants of a customer about a product or service. If customer expectation is met then customer is satisfied.

Types of customers:

  1. Internal customer – Internal customers are said to be the people coming under their own organisation or perhaps a partner to whom service provider delivers its company’s product or service.
  2. External customer – External customers are said to be those people who actually buy company’s product and services.

Why customer satisfaction?

  • It’s a best indicator of customer repurchase intention. Customer satisfaction shows how likely a customer is to make a purchase in future
  • The customer dictates market trends and direction
  • Customer satisfaction means loyalty towards organisation
  • It increases customer lifetime value
  • It reduces negative word of mouth

Level of Customer Satisfaction

  1. Basic Needs (Dissatisfier): A dissatisfied customer is one who feels service provider did not provide basic needs of a product or services as expected. These customers may be annoyed or frustrated but not quite angry.
  2. Performance Needs (Satisfiers): It is a need or want for a customer which he specially asks for and where customer requirements meet their expectations.
  3. Excitement Needs (Delighters): A delighter is unspoken or unexpected requirement of a customer. It shows highly satisfaction of a customer. Absence of delighters does not result in customer dissatisfaction while its presence will enhance customer satisfaction.

Graphs shows effect on customer satisfaction

Fig 1.3 -Graphs shows effect on customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Customer feedback should be continually done and monitored. It enables an organization to discover customer dissatisfaction, relative priorities of quality, customer needs and quality of improvement.


This blog aims to identify and examine the relationship between the customer satisfaction and quality service in service sectors with respect to the service quality dimensions. In this blog, we tried to figure out that service quality is not the only factor that could lead to customer satisfaction in the service sector but it is necessary to improve on the dimensions of service quality for providing total satisfaction to the customer.

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